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We always enjoy talking with our guests.  Many special requests or group reservations can only be handled by phone.  You will always reach a knowledgable, friendly front desk clerk who is ready to help you in any way.  We can help you get the room that best suits your needs and possibly offer a local promotion not offered on the web.  

Where You Book Matters

Many travel websites make claims that they offer the best deal or have some sort of hidden advantage.  The truth is that every major hotel chain requires that their hotels offer their best rates at their home booking site.  Here at Super 8 that means using super8.com.  By contract, no other site on the web can offer lower rates or any special deals that are not found on super8.com.  In fact, most travel websites get rates, pictures and other information directly from super8.com. 

Super8.com Advantages

  • Lowest rates on the web
  • Change or cancel reservations at the hotel or on super8.com
  • Wyndham Rewards points
  • Frequent Promotions
  • Pictures and Information provided by the hotel

Travel Website Problems

  • Must change or cancel where you booked
  • May require prepayment
  • May not get the best rate
  • Huge commisions from the hotel
  • Information obtained from other websites, not the hotel

Travel websites can be useful when researching a new location.  When it comes to booking, where you book matters.  For the most flexibility and the lowest rates your best choice is Super8.com.

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